Prometheus Bound

A talented cast brings this Greek masterpiece to the stage with song, dance and an innovative set which allows the immortal story about resisting tyranny to come alive. Features Peter Arnott’s audience tested translation.  An innovative set allows for a dance platform on the top of the skēnē building - allowing the chorus of Oceanids to first appear above Prometheus as in the original.

The below summary of the Prometheus Bound plot was edited from scenes from our staging:

Prometheus Bound - Dance Prometheus Bound Staging 2015Prometheus Bound Staging

Prometheus Bound Production Still - 2015 Staging Prometheus Bound Staging

Featuring James Thomas as Prometheus:

The story about Prometheus's struggle for justice against the all powerful tyrant Zeus, is brought to life as never before with an innovative set, new music, choral dance sections and performances by Casey McIntyre, Christopher Thomas, Milila Shah, Alisha Desai and James Thomas as Prometheus.

Prometheus Bound Staging DVD