Lysistrata Documentary

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This Documentary featuring Jane Fonda, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Carol Jenkins, Katha Pollitt and focuses on the provocative ideas in Aristophanes’ classic Greek play Lysistrata. A comedy about a sex strike to end war, presages the rise of female leadership from a joke to a necessary reality. Aristophanes’ timeless comedy about a sex strike and a power grab, reveals much about the ancient archetypes that still impact current political thought.

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Interviewees include the Dean of Hofstra Drama James Kalb, Greek drama scholar Victor Bers from Yale, Elizabeth Scharffenberger from Columbia, Mary English from Monclair State (on the role of women), Jeffrey Hurwitt (on Greek forms in modern architecture) and many contemporary female leaders including Norma Kamali, Jane Fonda, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Carol Jenkins, NY State Senator Liz Krueger, Katha Pollitt and many others.

Jane Fonda - actress, writer and antiwar activist. She rose to fame in the 1960s with films such as Barbarella and won Academy Awards for Klute and Coming Home, the story of a Vietnam War veteran. Recent work includes Monster in Law (2005) and Georgia Rule (2007). Fonda has served as a forceful opponent to the Vietnam War and more recently to the Iraq War.

Katha Pollitt is a feminist and leftist columnist for The Nation, as well as a prize-winning poet.

Katrina vanden Heuvel is the editor, part-owner, and publisher of The Nation magazine, and a frequent guest on numerous television programs.