Cyclops: A Marionette Staging

Join us for a staging of the only complete Satyr play to survive antiquity. Translated by Peter D. Arnott into English from the original Greek, Euripides’ ludicrous comedy is brought to life with marionettes which preserve the effect of classical masks.

Satyr plays are the 4th plays of trilogies - they ran at the end of 3-play drama sequences and were shorter and featured a chorus of comic satyrs - half-man half-horse followers of Dionysos. So classical drama trilogies always ended on a high, fun, note - the Satyr play. The Cyclops is a jewel of a play that tells the story of Odysseus’s harrowing hiatus on the island of the man-eating Cyclops on his return from Troy. There’s only one 4th play - only one Cyclops, the only one way to learn how Odysseus outwits the Cyclops - so see it now!

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