Easy Ways to Purchase DVDs

Via Check, Credit Card or PAYPAL

Please e-mail [email protected] and mention your preferred payment option for your DVDs. We can e-mail you a secure PAYPAL invoice, mail a standard invoice - or you can just mail us a check when you get your DVD.

From MacMillan Films

Purchasing directly from this website is preferred as it allows us ship the programming immediately. This website's  shopping cart allows for secure purchase via PAYPAL or a credit card.

From Insight Media.

Our current releases, are distributed through Insight Media Inc. at 800-233-9910 (Monday - Friday 9:00-6:00 p.m. New York time)

From Amazon.com

Some of our titles are available on Amazon.com

Each program is available for $100 to use in a college or library setting. Individual (home use only) DVDs can be purchased for $40. Thank you for your support, which is vital to our ability to produce thought-driven programming. Any questions please call (917) 664-0507.